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The Omega of the Alpha (Satan's Prophets Book Excerpt)

By Marcus Dewayne Banks
    Vincent licked his lips as the sweat poured down his forhead. His hand trembled and his leg still ached. They stood for several moments and the room was still still. Raven was now in a coma. The children were home alone.Hawk stared at the situation intently. He did not know the full extent of the situation. He was briefed that Raven would be in the room from the Original Vincent. He did not know that the clone would tell on his self though. He couldn’t believe that Vincent was that straight edge. He had been in the agency for years and dirt happened a lot but to tell on your best friend and his girl friend lacked reason. I guess it was the sad upbringing he had by his original and his parents. He was taught to hate anything different. Anything. He didn’t understand how Vincent could hate Innocent simple because she had a modified body. It made him a pig. He was only in love with her vagina. She was a trophy to him. If he truly cared about Innocent like he said then why didn’t he want her to have his baby. Did he truly not want a book out about their relationship? (Innocent’s book: When Doves Cry-The Wonder Years Volume One coming soon Reader)  Vincent was ready to cheer loudly at his accomplishment. He had never imagined the Prince would make a wish. In his Original’s Universe a similar situation happened. A stand off between the Orginial Vincent and The Orginial Prince.
The world had become a very dark place. People were dying.Mass killings. Ill leadership. Countires threating nuclear war. The Orginial Prince and Original Raven decided instead of waiting for the Mothership they would build their own and leave the planet Earth. Satan approved this plan. And he thought best of his two star pupils he could have the Earth and the 144,000 could leave. Their would be no problem. Satan didn’t want any weapons left on the Earth though. He wanted the most dominant speicies on Earth.  The fighters. The hunters the killers.He was going to start over and rid the existence of weak women and men and have a master race of genius, beautiful, colored people.
Vincent (the orginial) first agreed to sacrifice his race. He knew they were not the original. He knew they were copies of the colored races of Earth. As a drug dealer he knew only the purest form of cocaine could ever be accepted by a user. He was to impregnate a ghetto dark skinned woman and make her a princess and have his seed be passed on to another generation. Ghetto meaning jewish. A hood rat. A stripper.
Vincent (The Orginial) had one mission. He was to take over the entire planets mind and convince everyone to give their weapons (all which were made of metal to the Prince) The Prince would then take the metal and give them to Raven. They had been making a new form of currency by taking people’s souls with metal coins and converting it to other forms of wealth. Weapons were the cheapest thing to them so they could use it to fuel the spaceship. How much is your life worth?
Everything was going according to plan. Vincent had everyone had their weapons off to The Prince. The Prince took the weapons. Hawk was their for this. He helped build the asteroid that was taking off the planet which also was where the spaceship was built into.
The ship was named The Crow. It was filled with witches, vampires, fairies, pixies, mutants, and other supernatural beings. The mentally ill were no longer menetally ill but the chosen ones.
But when it came time for Vincent to do his deed. The woman was no stripper but a sick african refugee. He rufused to touch her and held everyones minds captive on Earth.
Satan was angry but The Prince refused to turn the ship back.
The Prince’s and Raven’s children. Trunks and Shakur had gifts themselves. Trunks could create a black hole which is where the ship was going anyway to a black hole he and his sister Shakur had made with the combination of the brightest lights of all time. To travel faster than the speed of light they had to be sound. A soundwave. A shockwave. All they had to do was give each other high fives and portals would open up.  They were on the ship. Many of the people on the Crow wanted tot turn back once they got the news of what Vincent was doind. With no mutants on Earth to break the spell Satan was defeated. Satan’s Prophets Hawk, Innocent, Raven, The Prince, Bubble Bath, Ice and the others i cannot mention at this moment were very angry. They wanted to go back and kill their one time chum as well but the black hole was going to close and they were on a schedule.
One of the witces who I cannot mention by her name right now but let’s call her Halo spoke with Raven and asked her to tell the Prince to turn the ship around. She had left her children and her husband on the planet they were to be the leaders in Satan’s new race.
Raven sat with The Prince that night over sweet bread and coffee. They agreed to not go back in fear of what would happen to Trunks and Shakur if Vincent got control of their mind. He woudn’t need to control a whole planet just two kids and he could put the whole world into a black hole easily.
Halo refused to listen the next day. There was a formation and a riot. The revolt had many of the Original Satan’s Prophets team killed including their pilot Matt “Tails” Skate.
Trunks and Shakur were asleep in the room with their parents when the assassins arrived. They wore mask around their mouth so Raven could not dectect the soundwaves and the children would alos be helpless.

    Raven (The Original) was reading on her tablet when a chill ran down her spine. She sensed something. A code. A encrypted code. She closed her eyes. The secrutiy alarms had gone off in her head. Someone was in the infirmary. They had only paid for doctors on the trip. Doctors and teachers as well as cops and fire fighters. Everyone else came free. The ship had slowed slighty. Someone was just killed. Their was to be no sinning in heaven. Someone had did one of the seven deadly.
    She leaned over and whispered in The Prince’s  ear. “Code red.”
    In a mere second the ship rocked. The metal awoke the rock. Hawk in the room next to the Prince’s jumped out of his bed and looked at Kitty Caprice with a look of anger on his face. “Mamacita!”
    Kitty awoke and instanly transformed into a jaguar. A diamond jaguar. The fur was made of diamond. She strechted and roared loudly. Innocent awoke and turned into sabertooth tiger with diamond fur and so on.
    The war began. The witches were on the Prophets side. So were the vampires. But the clones. The clones. They wanted to kill The Prince and save their original’s on Earth.
    The war went on for hours. Days. Weeks. Then on the end of the month of December there was a knock on The Prince’s door.
The Prince looked at Raven.
“It’s Tails and Hawk,” Raven said as she returned to teaching their kids about quantum physics.
The Prince  (the orginial) open the door with a wave of the hand.
In walked both men with bloodstained on their fur coats. Their gold chains were untarnished though. They had on polo shirts with scarves around their necks and they were both covered with tattoos. The Marks of the Beast. Their Gucci shoes were laced and blood covered the soles.  Red bottoms.

“Gentlemen,” The Prince said nodding to both of them. “How are things.”
“Fine Mr. President. How are you and the First Lady,” Miles asked withh a grin.
“We are doing our best Mr. Vice President. I hope Hawk is keeping you safe. May I intrest you in some sweet bread. Maybe some water?” (they were bringing water to heaven. Everyone Earth was to drink the blood of their victums when the armageddon began).  
“No I am fine Mr. President,” Tails looked at The Prince and nodded to the room behind him. He had something he wanted to say without the children hearing.
“Honey, I will be in the room with these two for a moment in time,” The Prince saluted Raven and she nodded. She sent out an alert through the entire ship that no one was to move. Not even the clones could move when all of the oxygen was margainalized. Everyone had to be still and have breath control. Meditation.
She turned to the children. Her pant suit very crisp it matched her white hair and she turned to her secretary Tyra and smiled. “Hold my calls.”
“No problem First Lady.” Tyra began teaching the rest of the lesson after she turend off her tablet.

In the war room Hawk was talking in almost a whisper hoping the children could not hear the soundwaves but of course they could. Even though Raven told them a one hundred times not use thier powers to ease drop.
“Mr. President. Satan’s clones are everywhere. The witches are having trouble holding them off. They are trying to convince them that since Vincent failed to do his duty they most do theirs and have more men like you.”
“Hasn’t Innocent told them this is not possible. We can only have one diamond. That is it. We cannot bring too much money to have or the gold value will go down,” Raven said looking at both all the men.
“Yes First Lady. They have suggested they cut her and all of them have diamonds. I told them that is ridiculous. The Barbies have been handcrafted and we aren’t modifing our dolls,” Tails said looking at The Prince in they eyes.
“What then? How should we proceed. I’m open for suggestions,” The Prince said crossing his arms.
“That is not the whole thing Mr. President,’ Hawk said. “They are saying if they can’t have Barbies or diamonds then you must die. They want to assassinate you Mr. President.”
The Prince put his hands together and prayed.
Mother what have I done to deserve this? I have been a good man. I have lived a just life. I have never sinned like my father. I have taken every punishment they have given me. I have fufilled my mission but i have failed you. What must I do to survive in this situation please tell me what I should do.
Raven reached out and grasped her husbands hand. “You die.”
The Prince nodded.
“Tell them to come. I will be waiting.”
Raven ran out of the room with Hawk and Tails by her side.
“Code Orange Tyra,”She yelled to Tyra.
Tyra grabbed both the children in her arms and ran to a console beside the bed the family shared. She pushed a bottom and water began to flood the ship. The water was going to begin melting every Satan clone into steam. The clouds would make it hard to see on the ship and The Prince could move incognito.
The doors to them room was sealed and the Prince sat in the war room. He walked to another door in the war room. A closet. He grabbed his gas mask. He knew they would try and attack his lungs. He studied the map of the ship. Heat seeking. They warmest part of the ship was right behind him. They were already in the room. A six hunded and sixty six clones had been there the whole time. Which meant the witches were using the water for other purposes like baptising those that were influenced by the clones he had made the right choice.
As he stood the Satan clones began to become visible. They materialized. Slowly, into a woman. Raven. His wife.
“You’re not my wife,” The Prince said with a smirk.
“How would you know. Am I not here? Can you not see me? I am here for you.”
The Prince thought for a moment. He had just seen Raven leave the room. How could she be back in the room with him. Unless the water was….
He took off the gas mask.
The steam began to enter the room. He inhaled and began coughing. It was a trick. He swung his arms wildly grabbing for his throat. He was choking. He couldn’t breathe his neck ached.
“Yes,” The voice whispered in his head. The voice of Vincent (The Orginial).
The Prince knew the choices. Give up his mind or die.
“You… read my mind Vincent,” The Prince said as he choked spittle coming out of his mouth.
“Make a wish! I am refuse to be your slave,” Vincent’s voice rang in his head.
The Prince gathered all the iron in his body and brought it to his neck. He chopped his head off cleanly.
There was a bright flash as the Raven and The Prince’s children slapped hands together. The Prince’s head vanished and his body became solid Ice.

Raven turned to the children.
“What are you two up to,” She asked wiping tears from her eyes.
“Father….he’s not dead,” Shakur said looking at her mother with a huge smile.
Trunks nodded.
Hawk turned towards the war room door.
“You two….I told you….”
Raven didn’t know wether to hug the two children or tell them she loved them so she did both.

To be  continued……

    Ice Part Two
    Present Day

    The Prince sat at Dodge State Prison in the mess hall for breakfast. He had ate some cinnamon rolls and drank a cup of coffee and had spoken with Charles Hamilton earlier that morning. The streets were in a drought.
    Nicki Minaj had fucked up a  pack and now Ice who was also locked up at the same prison with The Prince was in a position of power. The Prince sat with Ice at the breakfast table alone the entire mess hall watching the two.
    “You snitched on me,” Juwan Allen said to Marcus Dewayne Banks.
    “You had it coming.”
    “Sounds like some gay shit.”
    “That sounds homophobic.”
    Ice glared at The Prince and looked down at the new Jordans he had just gotten sent in from Van.
    “You know Prince it’s days like this where I lose my faith in you.”
    “Actually Ice the cocaine trade in here is my game. I am stopping your flow of it.”
    Ice turned up his head in disgust then walked away from the table.
    The Prince walked off as well to his cell. He punched the wall and broke his hand.

    Van paced her cell….she was waiting on the phone call from Ice. Which would never come.


Raven awoke on a  Sunday morning at 8 AM sharp she called The Prince and he picked up the phone in dodge state prison.
“Good morning Tiger,” She said as she sipped her orange juice in her silk house robe with pikachu house slippers. Her head was wrapped in a doobie.
“I love you.”
“How did it go?”
“Well the Devil’s Rejects are pissed but I had no choice. They are jeperodizing the mission. All the money they are bringing in and all Ice wants to talk about is ass and titties. He’s been a good soldier but the  party days are over. Maybe Vincent was right. I was getting soft. I should have killed him. Now we got a whole nation of these...Ice niggers. Dudes running around thinking about lying their whole life until it becomes true. I thought I was helping him. Teaching him to love to suffer. Instead he just loves himself, he just loves the devil….not me.”
Raven put down her coffee and pulled out her G Pen.
“Listen Prince, you have to understand something. You can only do what you are told to do by the higher power. You are an Isrealite. A prophet. We are just tools. Ice raped a young Asian girl Shelby Kilgore and sodomized her mother. He tried to kill her sister Caltiha Kilgore. He then told Van he would kill you in Prison if she didn’t send him those pictures. You had no choice but to snitch on him. He’s trash. A fucking bum.”
“One thing I learned is Vincent may be the devil of this Earth but there is nothing worst than a black devil.” (Prodigy: A research Paper By Marcus Dewayne Banks coming soon).
“Babe, I got to put this phone in traffic. The Goodfellas got to eat.”
“Stay sane.”
“You’re my Queen of Sanity.”

    One Wish
    By Serenity Infamy Banks

    My name is Trunks Jonothan Pearman but my pen name is Serenity Infamy Banks. I am my father Marcus Dewayne Banks and Raven Symone Christina Pearman’s only son. I am now six years old. My sister Shakur is….well let’s not talk about that right now.
    My father is locked up right now. I never really got to hang out with him much and neither did….
    It’s hard trying to grow out of your sister’s shadow. I don’t know why I have a tough time talking about her. She is a sweetheart really but I honestly want to have my own life. I don’t want to have to run behind her all the time and tell her how much I miss Dad. I wanted to tell you. I wanted you to know how I felt about the only real thing in my life gone no homo. I wanted you to understand that as the man of the house right now I have the obligation to tell you the truth about what I know to be true.
    Dad writes me all of the time. He tells me to do good in school. He tells me to not fight people that pick on me. He tells me to not let anyone pick on my sister either but the most important thing he always tells me is to love and respect my mother.
    I remember one time when I was three years old I snuck into my father’s room while he and my mother were playing Rock Band in the living room. Shakur had tried to warn me beforehand.
    “You want your ass whipped?”
    “Dad would never hit me. You never get hit.”
    “I’m not you.”
    I didn’t listen. I went upstairs. I crawled upstairs and I stumbled towards my parents room. I slowly opened the door that was already cracked. Inside it smeeled like hairspary and cologne. I now know it was tresseme’ and prada cologne. My father later asked me what was the first thing I smelled when I went into the room. I wonder why? Anyway, I saw clothes on the floor. A nightgown, a Baltimore Ravens jersey, a fitted hat with the baltimore Raven on it and a bottle of lotion lying next to a pair of gray Jordan’s. I think they were elevens. I’m not sure. I can’t remember everything.
I walked towards the shoes but I looked at the hat first. I reached out and touched the hat. There were long strands of hair in it which was odd because my Dad has no hair. Then as I turned to touch the shoes I heard someone running up the stairs. I heard my mother yell then I heard Shakur laughing loudly.
The door swung open and standing there was my father with his house robe on and a doo rag. He wore his joe boxer sweat pants and his Ice Cream diamond sandals. He was grinning from ear to ear.
“Cookies and some apple juice,” He began chanting.
That was the first and only time I got a whipping.
I miss my Dad. I love my mom. I hope he comes home soon. My mom said he may get out early. I hope he does.
Kids at school call  me weird because I read all the time. One time I took a picture my Dad drew me to school. It was of a mutant named Gambit. He’s from Lousiana like my Dad. I love Gambit too. He made a deal with the devil to save the mutants. He became the angel of death and works for Apocalypse. I love comics. I read them all of the time. My mom and dad say:
“Reading and writing is a major key.”
Right before me Dad got locked up he bought a car. He said he had saved up for a long time. The car was a lamborghini. It was yellow. Yellow with red leather seats. He pulled up to our house but we heard him before we saw him.
“What’s that noise mother,” Shakur asked as we watched Sailor Moon in the living room.
“Sounds like someone is beating down the block,” My mother said smiling at me. My mom has the prettiest smile in the whole universe.
We all stood up and walked outside.
I saw this yellow looked like a spaceship. I had never seen anything so cool. My mom was watching me the whole time so was Shakur. My knees were wobbling. In our neighborhood no one did things like this. I only saw this is music videoes.
The spaceship was heading towards us and it pulled into the driveway really slowly. It was going like miles per hour. The rims looked stainless steel and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.
The music was loud. All I could hear was these words:
“Keys open doors. Keys open doors. Keys open doors.”
The doors I found out are called Lamborghini doors. These are not suicide doors but Lamborghini doors. Suicide doors are doors that are changed on a car. They have a possibility of breaking because they go the wrong way. Not the way a car is supposed close the doors and they may kill you if not opened or closed right. Suicide. Scissor doors are lamborghini doors on high end cars such as BMWs. Butterfly doors are like Back to the future type doors.
One day this white kid at my school name Peter told me suicide doors were the same thing as Lamborghini door. The whole lunch room was watching me and him argue.
“Sorry Trunks but let’s be for real. You don’t know anything about cars. You and your sister ride bikes to school. You want to tell me a kid that comes to school in a may back everday what a Lamorghini looks like. You and your weirdo sister with her dreads….ha! You don’t know nothing about cars your parents never show up at the PTA events and you want to tell me a kid that’s the most popular in school what a suicide door is?”
You may be wondering why I would be having this discussion in front of the whole school in the mess hall for.
My father teaches me a lot about hip hop. He taught me that a rapper named Jay-Z made a song called Takeover. I hate this song. It is about how a man decides to takeover an entire industry instead of being a man a fighting for his. He would rather take than give.
In this song Sean Carter says.
“A wise man once said don’t argue with fools because people from a distance can’t tell who’s who.”
That is a lie. Only a fool would say that so he doesn’t look like a fool. ~ My father Marcus Dewayne Banks said
“Someone opens your door.  How do you know anything about doors on cars,” I asked my peer.
“Bikes don’t have doors either.”
The lunchroom erupted in laughter.
“Now how do you know what a suicide door is?”
I smiled at him. Shakur from across the room glared at me but I couldn’t help it.
“Because my Father is still alive.”


One Wish Part Two

By Marcus Dewayne Banks

“So what is your wish,” Vincent asked The Prince.
“To be ahead of my time,” The Prince responded.
“Your wish is my command.”
The Prince began to vanish.
“Where are you going?”
“The past.”
    Vincent’s leg exploded.
    The penny was in it.
    Then Bodak Yellow came on.
    The women slowly began moving again. Van ran to the duffle bag as Vincent bled on the floor. Hawk began nodding his head to the beat. Kitty Caprice who was Raven began to change….her skin began to become metallic. The beat began to pulsate. The lights went low. Strobe lights. Vincent moaned.
    “My leg. Where is my leg. I can’t feel my leg.”
    “Bubba, you ain’t got no leg,” Van said as she walked towards him. She kicked him in the stomach as hard she could. Feces began pouring out of his back side.
“Innocent is on her way.”


See you next Update Wednesday November 1st.

~Jet Lee Jetson


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