Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kanye Vs Wiz (My outlook on the industry and the youth today)

The Max B/ Kanye West/ Wiz Khalifa beef ( A ode to today's society)

I decided to write about this because I am a huge Max B and Wiz Khalifa fan. From what I understand Kanye thought KK was Kim Kardashian. He also didn't know waves came from Max B. Every video I watched about the beef they said Kanye roasted Wiz on twitter. All I will say is Kanye has to be so far from the streets to not know what KK is or who the fuck Max B is.

His clothing line I don't fuck with. I would never pay the prices he is asking for boots and jeans and shit. I am a nerd I rap about jewlry and shit but I don't wear any.....I am a parody of rappers. Most these rappers rent their chains anyway. I like to shop at wal mart and shit. They have the best sreen print tees because they do business with Disney and DC comics as well as cartoon network. Department stores are my shit yo. But I mean come on Kanye you disrespected Wiz's kid. The thing I remember is what Nas said when Jay Z did the same thing to him:

Scarface: "No women or children."

But we are living in an age when people get the biggest balls online. They feel untouchable because they are miles away behind a screen and can say whatever they feel with no physical retribution. When I was dealing with Asia Glo Doll she used to get mad at me and have these goons send me threats over the web. I would laugh my ass off. But people are becoming more entrapped within the web everyday. People still fall for catfish shit. So infatuated with pictures and interaction within the web.

Celebrities are not supposed to be taken as serious as they are. We have girls thinking if you shake your ass dudes will like you. And girls do that shit and stupid ass niggaz follow behind them liking their instagram pictures and stalking their facebook. This is when rappers start to believe they are really tough because people take their art as a reflection of how they are supposed to think. Of course the girl that makes money off of her body wants you to think it's cool so she doesn't feel like a slut. But when people like Kanye rant like he does it shows how stupid people can really be. This guy does things for shock value. He always has. His ego is his best friend. He has a video with all these nude celebrities in it called "Famous" as if that's what makes you famous who you sleep with. That's the mentallity of today's youth.

Sex crazed kids running around reciting lyrics about gang banging when the leaders of this movement (Young Thug, Future, Drake, etc.) do nothing for the culture but make it dumber and dumber so those that fund them can easily take advantage of the mindstate of the youth. The cops can't lock up smart people.......it takes a fool to get arrested. The laws are easy to follow. But people make excuses about shit. It takes an idiot to think Jay Z who has a wife and child and almost a billion dollars is still selling cocaine. It takes a fool to think that Future is drinking lean all day and fucking ratchet bitches. No he's fucking Ciara and on the cover of the Rolling Stone. This is game here ladies and gentlemen. You will never learn if you don't study. Knowledge is power. Power is money. Pussy is power. But the brain controls all.

Back to this beef. I am not interested in any music from either artist at this time. Kanye went from being a backpacker to some weird ass nigga that wears leather sweat pants and women's blouses. Wiz went from being pretty cool to wearing women's pants and making songs about molly and doing mushrooms. I don't agree with the way Kanye spoke about his child but let's be honest Amber Rose is about as basic as you can get when it comes to women. She is physically attractive but when you are on national tv talking about sperm on your face.......it makes me look at Raven and say:


I am not a fan of today's music. I listen to me majority of the time. I don't think niggaz are nice. Lupe is cool. He is a little too complex at times. Curren$y is alright. I just want to focus on my grind. If everyone focused on themselves these celebrities would be out of a job. They have you so wrapped up in their lives that you think it's okay to emulate that shit. I met a girl that in the middle of the conversation started talking like Nicki Minaj. I was like what the fuck? These hoes are losing it. If you focus on what is postive an influential to you you wouldn't listen to the limited vocabulary simplistic music you would focus on what can make you a better, more intelligent human being. Instead you let rappers degrade you.

You listen to a niggaz album, emulate that shit, get locked up trying to be that shit....then request his album from your parents while in prison. And your girlfriend would fuck that nigga no problem. And leave you for him no problem. A niggga she don't even know. She loves his image and his money. And he only has that money because he is a liar. That's fucked up man because lies are not real but every rapper claims to be a real nigga.

My point is this Wiz Kanye beef isn't beef. Max B getting the time he got for no fucking reason is beef. I appreciate Wiz speaking up for Max. I think Kanye is too hollywood to be considered hard. But in the end I could give a fuck less what two grown men typing to each other are talking about. If we have a real problem then let's sit down like men and not have everyone watching our every move. Niggaz cannot be happy even with all that money you walking around with an attitude like the world owes you something. For what? An album where all you do is shit on me and my lack of money?

Wake up world.....wake up.

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