Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Where Have I Been? And for those that don't know who am I?


Thank you for checking out the new blog Raves with Raven. This is where I will express myself as an artist. For thoose that don't know me do your homework. Check out the following blogs:



They should give you an idea of what you're dealing with. I have a lot of music out that I am not proud of. I made the music while I was suffering from my mental illness schizophrenia. The songs are very odd and the quality sucks. I am proud of my album Music To Die To as well as Take Me To Your Leader. Those were my best works as an insane artist. My film Emo Mafia is available for viewing on the following (drop links) as well as videos of me during my mental illness.

Since I am not happy with my career as Tha Ufo I am now Jet Lee Jetson aka Jett Jackson the pilot of Tha Ufo. Now that I am medicated I would like to start from scratch and say I am here to stay now. I am back in the studio and I am working on new music to give to you guys. I am starting a new movement The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for people born differently but not accepting the role of being downplayed by society. We must win at all cost. We will make the outcast be in the in crowd.

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