Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Trilogy

The Trilogy

We have new albums coming soon. The first is entitled Harley Quinn followed by Prince Vegeta and ending in Magneto.....these three albums chronicle the story of what has been going on since I came home from prison dealing with these girls and how I have come to the realization I need someone like Raven Symone in my life. Not even for the sex and shit but for the companionship. It is women like her that hustle and make you believe that despite all the nonsense going on in today's society that beauty still exist in all forms.

I grew up watching Raven and I have fallen for her. These albums explain how I want to be with someone that is a passionate artist and about there money. I recently left a relationship with an underground female emcee name Glo Doll Asia. We weren't dating but we tried to build a friendship and she was just not my type and she is pretty successful for her age. The album will explain how I tried to get her mind off of the small things like facebook beef and elevate her to the level of maturity of someone such as a Tyra Banks or Raven Symone black women that have made an empire without a man and became postive role models for the youth not by being ignorant but using wits and talent.

I have released a couple of tracks off of Harley Quinn. Check out my soundcloud.com/Jet-Lee-Jetson I just released a video "Sex Change" a song about Raven Symone. These albums also involve stories of drug dealing and violence. They are not to be taken serious I am not a gangster. I am a nerd. I am mocking the industry with nerdy gun bars and nerdy cocaine tales. Don't take any of that shit serious. I am telling you what 90% of these rappers won't. This shit is strickly entertainment. Jett Jackson "I'm acting like I'm acting."

While I was locked up I came up with this style of rhyming. I would say I'm Lupe meets Raekwon. Very abstract bars....I tell stories a lot through out my shit I try to make the bars connect. I have not decided on a release date for these albums. But I am sending these tapes to blogs. Maybe next week or this week I will drop these albums.

Thanks again for checking out the blog.

See ya Space Cowboy and Cowgirls

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